• Some Services We Offer

    MarketingBe it direct mail or text messaging, we do it all
    Remote SupportWe can always be there with our remote support
    Mobile AppsIf your business needs an app, we can make it to fit your needs
  • Network Design

    We can design and implement an office or home network from the ground up to best serve your needs. Whether it be a complex law firm, or setting up a home network to stream all of your movies and music to your devices.

  • Web Design

    Beautiful Responsive Design. Those three words say it all. We can design your website to adapt to the screen size that the viewer is on, just like this site or we can give you a dedicated mobile site to fit your needs.

  • SEO

    9 out of 10 people will click on the first 5 links that come up in a search engine. We can help your site get to the top so that you get the views and the customers.



Bay County PSA Bay County Public School Academy is my larget undertaking of any sorts. There are over 200 sub pages and links that have to be constantly updated.
Bay County Public School Academy
Bemo's Bar The Bemo's website shows off what responsive design can do for your site
Bankruptcy Doctor This was an inherited site, and I no longer manage it, but some of the design features can be integrated into your site as well
Alt text
Heins Design Katelyn Heins. Graphic Designer extrordinair
Alt text
Geeky Web Designs The web design part of our business. Where all of our magic happens on that end of the business. Same people, different name
Geeky Web Designs
Student Loan Help More of a splash page than anything, it directs people with student loan debt to their best option to relieve thier debt.
Student Loan Help